We’re building Geekend together! Huge THANKS to our amazing sponsors

There’s still more than two months to go – but over 200 people are already committed to Geekend 2015! Geekend exists to connect and empower the entrepreneurial and tech sectors –  their members and all those that what to learn, grow, and create. We’re so thrilled that our sponsors are part of the mix of talent that sees the value in getting out of their stovepipes, being intentionally interdisciplinary, and diving into Geekend on October 15-17. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, a big corporation, or an enthusiastic nonprofit of any size – everyone can bring something to the table. We’re so lucky that we’re not alone in this game! It’s humbling that so many of you find it important to support us in convening an innovative and creative community. We’ve shared about Geekend with them and we want to share about them with you!

HUGE thanks to The Guild Hall (@TheGuildHallSav) for a great venue, the best place for the makers, designers, coders, gamers, performers and storytellers. By the way, wanna play games for three days straight? Check out Guild Con, another great event of The Guild Hall!

IMG_0693Online or offline? We’re everywhere! Savannah Morning News (@SavannahNow) is our favorite place to learn more about local news and businesses in the area. Teaming up with the great Well Fed (@WellFEDSavannah) team, while we feed your mind, also gets you great insights on feeding feeding your body and spirit. We’re also proud to show you the wonderful design work of Paragon (@IamParagon). They made our GeekWorld colorful and alive! To print our geeky stuff, our friends at DX Marketing (@DXMMarketing) are going above and beyond. Thank you guys! The little Geekbot is our child, but LSP technologies (@lsptech) gave birth to it by printing them in 3D for a great price, so that anyone can take part in our competition to win a ticket to Geekend!

Geekend is packed with workshops, panel discussions, presentations and networking. Three things that you’re gonna need for sure are coffee, coffee and coffee! Why not have the ‘world’s finest coffee’ from PERC Coffee (@PERCCOFFEE)? You had all the coffee in the world, but you still feel a little lost in the vast amount of information you got? Keep your schedule organized and learn about speakers with our Geekend app of Tour Buddy Apps (@TourBuddyapps)!

Did you know that one of our great sponsors, AT&T (@ATT), serves more than 3.5 million business customers? Wow! They’re also committed to supporting the next generation of tech masters showing off their skills at the Geekend Arcade! TechSmith (@TechSmith) is committed to prizes for the crowd favorites too.

When you’re ready to take a more formal step, the programs with Georgia Tech Professional Education might just be what you’re looking for. We appreciate what Georgia Tech does for supporting the business environment of the future.


By the end of Saturday, you’ll know everything about Virtual Reality, Social Media Analysis, Education & Technology and Healthcare Innovation. You’ll be able to brainstorm with your team in a creative way, and you’ll think that E-mail is an ancient tool for corporate communication. It’s time for PARTY supported by Music File Productions. You’ll also by psyched to explore the amazing prototyping abilities Axure Software Solutions (@axurerp)! Come Monday morning, you’ll be reaching out to Speros (@sperostech) to see how they can help support your growth and make the technology work for your business. They helped us a lot, they’ll help you too! Perhaps you’ll even be looking to partner  Georgia USA on a new digital endeavor!


Looking for other things to do while in Town for Geekend – Visit Savannah (@VisitSavannah) has you covered. Their resources and content can help you plan your next trip the beautiful city of Savannah with its southern charm. And be sure to check out The Thunderbird Inn (@TbirdInn) before you check in anywhere else. You won’t find many nice airport experiences than the one you’ll get at SAV! It’s not often you have the chance to think of the security line as a pleasure.

HUGE thanks to all of our sponsors again! Y’all are AMAZING support for us in convening an innovative and creative community. Wanna be part of this group? You can get involved too! Check out our sponsorship opportunities! See you in October!


15-17 October, 2015
615 Montgomery St., Savannah, GA