Clark Creative Communications: Geekend 2014

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We recently attended Savannah’s Geekend, a creative and entrepreneurial organization. It’s basically a place where your brain becomes so full of ideas and possibilities that it could explode. It also causes your heart to overflow with passion and purpose. It consists of hundreds of people all teeming with the same feelings, engaging with others to pursue new challenges, making opportunities happen and pushing boundaries to the edge. Long story short, we became “Geekenders.”

Here are several things we enjoyed throughout the weekend:

Marketing Pitch Interactive Session

Creatives were challenged to design a launch campaign to promote newest location of historic ice cream shop. We broke into teams, Cari Phelps and Josh Barrett on one team, Cody Sparks and Brittany Laughlin were on another team with our freelance Social Media consultant Jillian Stafford.


We greatly enjoyed the keynotes, including Pitch Circus.


A highlight of the entire weekend was learning how to produce prototypes, learning about 3D printing and being inspired by the maker movement. The best way to get started? Leave fear and lack of knowledge at the door. Jump in and start doing.


Some of us most enjoyed the sessions about interactive and UX/UI design. We are already using the knowledge and tips gained from this session in our current workflow.

Networking and Entertainment

Networking is always a bonus anywhere we go as entrepreneurs. We got the opportunity to participate in a lunch discussion with CNN’s Doug Gross. His ongoing column, “What’s Next” is CNN’s hub for stories about innovation. His blog features forward-looking thinkers in the fields of tech, science and social change. It also highlights the big ideas and events that will help shape our collective future.

We had a lot of fun talking about tech pitches and how everyone thinks their idea is brilliant. This quickly lead to the idea that there should be a group called Angel Sherpas that will allow businesses to connect with this business to provide guidance about what to do and what not to do.


There were several great conversations, two unforgettable after parties and plenty of new ideas to present for the future at Clark Creative Design.

The Geekend crew is already saddling up for Geekend 2015. Want to join?

Mark your calendars for next year’s event and be a part of the movement!

Source: Clark Creative Communications’ Blog.