Geekend transitions to Creativ...

Geekend transitions to Creative Coast

Posted on October 21, 2013 By Yvonne Jouffrault

Article on Savannah Morning News by Mary Carr Mayle.

A merger between local nonprofit Thinking Cap Inc. and The Creative Coast Inc. gives the latter full ownership and control of Geekend, a popular interactive conference for “creative designers, developers and social media geeks.”

The conference will not be held this year, as the transition occurred too late for adequate planning, said Charisse Bennett, program director for The Creative Coast.

“This event has become way too big to pull together at the last minute,” Bennett said. “We’re really excited to have Geekend and have already begun working on getting sponsors, speakers and presenters for the next conference — either in late 2014 or early 2015.”

Geekend, the brainchild of Jake and Miriam Hodesh and Sloane Kelley, has been held every November since its founding in 2009. The Hodeshes incorporated Thinking Cap after the first conference drew some 650 technology-minded attendees.

Thinking Cap, with Kelley leading the board, has owned and operated Geekend for the last three years, with Kelley taking over as executive director for the 2012 conference after the Hodeshes left the organization.

The Creative Coast was recently given the opportunity to take over Geekend, which has consistently attracted more than 600 digital media, Web and information technology professionals during its three-day events.

“We at The Creative Coast are thrilled to be merging with Thinking Cap, Inc. and to be taking on Geekend,” said Bea Wray, executive director of The Creative Coast.

Wray said she and her staff will sit down with Jake Hodesh and Kelley to get their input.

“This incredible event draws hundreds of people from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida to Savannah and puts our beautiful city on the map as a cutting-edge spot for technology development,” she said.

“We plan to use the next year to learn how to take Geekend to the next level.

“It’s going to be fun.”


Source: Savannah Morning News

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