One Spark at Geekend in Savannah

A blog post on the One Spark blog by Meredith O’Malley Johnson.

Elton Rivas, our co-founder and CEO, and I had the pleasure to rep One Spark at the Geekend conference in Savannah, Georgia this past weekend, and we had a blast! One Spark was a sponsor of this great event, and we went there seeking talented Creators that had great Projects that would be perfect to launch at One Spark – and we recruited over 20! We’re excited to see what the Savannah creative community brings to One Spark in April.

Geekend was organized by The Creative Coast, a nonprofit based in Savannah that supports and builds the network of local businesses there. They put together a great speaker lineup that included Professor Neil Gershenfeld, Director of the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, and Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop. Both gave mind-blowing speeches on the coming renaissance of makers around the World.

Professor Gershenfeld, considered one of the top intellectuals in the world, gave a presentation entitled, “The Future of Making Things” that was a mind-blowing exploration of the future of manufacturing. I highly recommend checking out his TED Talk to also learn more about his FabLabs that are popping up all over the globe.

Mark Hatch’s talk centered around TechShop, places where you can literally build ANYTHING, and their fast expansion and the amazing projects emerging from them. How amazing would it be to have a TechShop in Jacksonville?! Our very own Elton Rivas participated in a panel entitled, “There is Capital…Here’s How to Find It” with two private investors, Jason Premo and Ralph Montgomery (pic below). They took questions from entrepreneurs in the audience on how to score private investment for their projects. There was a lot of discussion around what founders are doing right and wrong to secure funding.

To sum it up, one of the biggest takeaways was that bad pitching is an epidemic. If you want to learn how to pitch your project to investors, sign up to attend the next One Spark Creator Academy course – “Pitchcraft: Pitching to Investors, Customers & Your Team” on December 2nd.

We also ran into past One Spark Creator Jamie Bowerman, founder of Bowerbags, who did a killer job on stage pitching his startup at Geekend’s Pitch Circus (pic below). If you’re a cool bag junkie like me, check out their products!

Biggest takeaway from Geekend? Like Jacksonville, Savannah and its surrounding areas have a TON of creative and passionate entrepreneurs, and One Spark looks forward to hosting their projects and collaborating with them to to create an amazing startup ecosystem right here in the Southeast.

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Source: One Spark Blog