Smart land development, land acquisition and land use planning decisions should be driven by important parcel and contemporary land data such as topography, flood zones, soils and market value per acre. But such information remains in pieces, only available via various – often outdated – websites and resources. Accurate, real-time details require time, money and talent to obtain, update and map.

Until geothinQ.

  • Designed by Geographic Information System (GIS) analysts, the geothinQ platform serves as a centralized hub to access and map all available parcel data and other current environmental, demographic, geospatial and topographic information. With on-demand access to a diversity of rich, up-to-date geographic data and land mapping technology, land stakeholders are empowered to quickly justify, approve, negotiate and even walk away from acquisition and development opportunities.
  • geothinQ was created and designed by land stakeholders for land stakeholders.  We were founded on the principles of geography, anchored by land consultants, civil engineers and GIS data scientists who have spent their entire careers solving persistent and complex land data and mapping challenges.