PERC Coffee Roasters


We all have a memory of the best cup of coffee we’ve ever had. Maybe it was on a trip to Italy with the family, or camping in the mountains with friends, or perhaps you were just sitting on the front porch on a cool fall morning. Whatever the case, there’s a deeper story behind the magic. It’s more than just a great cup of coffee; it’s the people, setting, and the vibes that make it so dang special. It triggers something visceral in us, and from then on, every other cup is compared to that one. These are the moments that inspire us in everything we do—from sourcing amazing coffee, to developing tasty roast profiles, to roasting the beans with great care…

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    All the work producing exceptional coffee is done by the farmers. Everyone else in the supply chain is entrusted with preserving the fruits of their labor. Sourcing coffee seasonally enables us to offer lots at the peak of their potential. We roast and taste dozens of samples before deciding on a new coffee. This model celebrates the expertise of the producers and establishes relationships built on trust from the farm all the way to your cup.
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    Our goal is to honor the farmers who produce these amazing coffees by roasting each batch with great care. Dynamic flavor is not inherent in green coffee – it’s latent. With that in mind, we create individual roast profiles for each coffee to achieve maximum varietal expression. We taste our production roasts constantly to ensure quality and consistency. The bottom line: we don’t buy, roast, or sell coffee we’re not totally bananas about.
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    I was a musician in Athens, GA looking for work when I wasn't on tour and scored a job at a local coffee shop. While on the road with the band, I was exposed to different approaches to coffee. I had the opportunity to try lighter roasts with wild flavors that jumped out of the cup with notes of citrus and fruit. The experience was inspirational and really opened my mind. In 2010, after years working as a barista, manager, and roaster, I decided to leave Athens to start my own company, so I packed up the fam and moved to Savannah. My mission was simple: to roast and share awesome coffee. So armed with a coffee roaster, a bike, and a big backpack, I started hustling to build a brand one bag at a time. As business grew, the PERC family had to grow too, so I assembled a diversely impassioned crew that came together like a coffee Voltron. Batch after batch, we built a culture around sharing the product we loved. We soon outgrew the shop, moved the operation to a bigger spot, bought a bigger roaster, and built out a swanky training lab. As PERC continues to grow, so does our team, all united by the same core goal: