What is Geekend?

Geekend is the annual gathering of the Geek tribe. Some might call Geekend an interactive conference with truly awesome parties. It’s the kind of event that you’ll be texting, Tweeting and Facebooking from, while making all your friends back home super jealous. Geekend is a mash-up, a meet-up, and a Tweet-up mixed together in a delicious Low Country boil of innovative ideas. It’s networking, Savannah style; a veritable supermarket of fresh thoughts and delicious camaraderie. To sum Geekend up in one word is really quite impossible, but we frequently use a certain one: FUN.

Who you calling a Geek?

Anyone who attends Geekend is a certified Geek. Why? Because Geeks come from every walk of life and work and play in every discipline. Geeks are cool. Geeks are awesome. Geeks have gusto. Geeks don’t mess around. Geeks get it done. Geeks have intense passion for everything they do. Geeks make the modern world go ’round. But you know that, right? So unleash your inner Geek and get your Geek on this fall, when the Geeks of the world will unite in Savannah, Georgia.

Who should come to Geekend?

YOU! If you’re creating a cool iPhone app, then you should come. If you’re a designer, developer, blogger or a new media fanatic, then you should come. If you’re obsessed with all the digital aspects of music, film and art, then you should plan to break it down at Geekend. Even if you’re casually Twittering, Facebooking, texting or gaming, you should join the fun. Still don’t think you’re a Geek? Does the future of social media appeal to you? Does the direction of design grab your attention? Are you a creative who is just as adept at building your castles in the digital sandbox as you are at the beach? Perfect! Sign up now because Geekend is for you.

Why is Geekend in Savannah, Georgia?

Simply put, Savannah is extraordinary! The city is one of the most incredibly beautiful, sophisticated, historic, and fun places to live in or visit. That’s because Savannah is a magnet for hip, creative types who’ve come here for business, school, the weather, the beach, the architecture, the friendly locals, great food and an energetic nightlife (and the fact that you can legally walk down the street with a cold adult beverage in a to-go cup that we like to call a “traveler”). All in all, Savannah boasts a unique vibe that’s so captivating you’ll want to call the city home by the end of your stay.

How much are tickets to Geekend in Savannah?

The early birds gets the best deal:
Early Early Bot: $95
Early Bot: $150
Regular Bot: $250
Geekend Ticket: $275
Geek Curious: $550
All tickets include access to all keynote talks, workshops, sessions, the Pitch Circus, lunch on Friday and Saturday, coffee and conversation on Friday and Saturday, and access to afterparties (you must be 21+ to attend afterparties).

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I’ve bought my Geekend ticket! Now what?

The Geekend “ticket” is a badge that you will pick up at the registration area at Geekend. You can print your Geekend confirmation page and bring this with you to Geekend. We’ll have your name on our list. When you arrive, we’ll present you with your official Geekend badge. Badge pick up will begin at 4pm on Thursday, November 13th, at the opening reception.

What if I'm interested in volunteering at Geekend?

You’re obviously awesome. Congratulations.  There’s wonderful folks to meet, and a Geekend ticket as well as a t-shirt on the line.

For January 26-28 2017, we’re recruiting volunteers and you can sign-up here!

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I’m interested in speaking at Geekend. How do I apply?

It’s as simple as filling out the application! Then put your feet up and wait awhile, the Geekend team will notify speakers between April and August.

Interested in a moderator or facilitator role? Learn more about them and apply: here!

I submitted a session. What happens next?

The talented Geekend crew will review all of the session submissions. You’ll be contacted via e-mail if the Geekenders have any questions or need follow up information. If your session has been accepted, we’ll let you know by mid to late August.

What happens if my session is chosen? What will I need to do?

Plan to be at Geekend 2016 and be ready to present to our crowd full of information-hungry Geeks. You’ll have a lot of fun as a Geekend presenter and will meet tons of interesting folks along the way. It also means a commitment to working hard on your presentation and meeting all Geekend deadlines.

Does Geekend pay speaker fees? What about travel expenses?

Geekend does not pay speaker fees or travel expenses at this time. We’ll do everything we can to advise you on travel and hotel arrangements. Of course, you’ll get hooked up with free goods, a Geekend badge and a guest pass for a friend.

Did we miss something? Have more questions?

Shoot us an email at geekend@thecreativecoast.org.

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