How Stuff Works to Keynote Gee...

How Stuff Works to Keynote Geekend

Posted on August 30, 2011 By Yvonne Jouffrault

Finding out and learning how stuff works has long been a geeky fascination for many. It’s a crazy world out there, and the award-winning site How Stuff Works aims to bring order to the chaos.

How Stuff Works is just that: a site and blog explaining various topics from the economy, to cars, to gardening. If you have never visited How Stuff Works, you should stop by and soak in the abundance of knowledge. We promise you will leave smarter, more informed, and loaded up with factoid ammo to impress your geeky friends.

We are pleased to announce that two of the site’s esteemed writers, Cristen Conger and Jonathan Strickland, will be keynoting Geekend.

Cristen specializes in the topics of technology and the science of everyday living. In addition to writing for How Stuff Works, she also contributes to Discovery News. On the Internet airwaves she co-hosts the popular podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You, where she discusses gender issues as they relate to careers, relationships, and women’s history.

Jonathan is a senior writer and blogger for How Stuff Works, and specializes in the social impact that technology has on everyday life. Like Cristen, Jonathan works across mediums and hosts TechStuff, a podcast that deconstructs the latest in technology. Jonathan has been a tech geek since he fired up his first computer, an Apple lle. He comes wired with a strong opinion that he is not afraid to share.

We are excited to have both Cristen and Jonathan at Geekend and look forward to learning from their geeky expertise.

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