Meet Keynote Speaker Oscar Ger...

Meet Keynote Speaker Oscar Gerardo

Posted on October 1, 2010 By Yvonne Jouffrault

Heading up a technical department for any sized company is no small task. Now imagine managing the tech systems for one of the largest television networks in the country. Quite the responsibility. Large undertakings such as these call for rock star technical experts to lead the charge. That is where our keynote speaker, Oscar Gerardo, comes in.

Oscar currently works for NBC Universal as the company’s Chief Architect. As a master of technical development, he oversees all product engineering and technical support as it relates to Oscar came over to NBC in the fall of 2006. Immediately he was given the project of migrating and re-architecting’s data center in house, which he impressively went to town on. NBC then brought Oscar on as an Architect for product development. After NBC’s technical re-organization was complete, Oscar was donned with the title of Chief Architect for The 24/7 day-to-day operation of the site takes the work of 40 system engineers in 6 cities world wide. is no rookie to social media and incorporates various social schemes into its game plan under the command of Oscar. Oscar’s keynote session will cover what NBC has done in social media and how this has helped expand their brand and image. The session will evaluate how specific social networking features for NBC allow users to interact with their favorite shows while being rewarded for their participation. These topics will be looked at in regards to how utilizes its 3 tiered architect system, which allows for widespread scalability and growth.

Oscar adds to an awesome trio of keynote speakers, all of which are sure to please. He also looks stunning in a bow tie. Be sure to check out where you can play around with his mastery.

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