Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Youth Workshop Leader - Founder & CEO @ Idea7

Chris Thompson grew up in Georgia with a love of science and making cool things. His passion for project-based learning started early and was shaped in part by an early-education experience packed full of challenging extracurricular activities and opportunities such as Georgia’s Governors Honors Program. He majored in science.

Chris attended the United States Naval Academy and graduated in 2001 with a degree in Control Systems Engineering in the robotics track. He then served as a Surface Warfare Officer and traveled the world before transitioning to civil service in 2008 as a Weapon Systems Engineer at NAVSEA in the Systems, Planning, Research, Development, and Engineering field. In his roles at NAVSEA, Chris gained engineering and project management experience while enjoying opportunities to work on several “Future Initiatives.”

From 2008 to 2016, Chris also served as a STEM Outreach Coordinator for NAVSEA and founded a nonprofit that established several robotics teams and a few makerspaces. Chris’s current focus is Idea7, a business he founded to improve STEAM education through fun hands-on learning. (And so he could spend more time playing with robots and 3D printers!)

Maven Makers and Idea7 Engineering Challenge

Jepson Center

For youth ages 7+ In this fun and simple activity, students will be given a challenge that they will have to use their creativity, ingenuity, and wit to overcome. In a few short minutes the participant will become a modern day MacGyver and will also learn what great opportunities await them all summer long at […]

Workshop Free & Public Limited Access Kids & Youth