Darby Cox

Darby Cox

CEO, Chairman & Co-founder @ Smoke Cartel

Darby Cox is CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder of Smoke Cartel, Inc., an online retailer for glass water pipes, vaporizers, and other related accessories for the cannabis industry. Darby is the first female CEO of a publicly listed cannabis company, after serving as Operations Manager for the first four years. She is a business-oriented technologist that has managed innovation and growth, leading Smoke Cartel to their place as a leading online retailer. Darby chairs the board of Reform Georgia, a non-profit focused on drug-law & criminal justice reform. She also founded the terrarium company SproutSouth in January 2014. Prior to this, Darby attended Savannah College of Art and Design and studied Service Design.

If This, Then That

Studio Theater

“Programming can seem like this magical thing that works somehow, and it’s our job as e-commerce designers to keep that magic flowing for our customers.” In this session, Smoke Cartel co-founders Darby Cox and Sean Geng dive into their belief that when teams have basic knowledge of programmatic thinking, everyone is able to discuss the […]

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