Dominick Biangone

Dominick Biangone

Strategy & Business Development Expert

As a serial entrepreneur, Dominick Biangone has previously started, grown, and sold businesses in multiple industries, and has consulted hundreds of lawyers, doctors, and business owners in
more than 50 industries.

As the former co-founder and managing partner of Oak Tree Surgical, a
successful medical device firm, he was responsible for intellectual property development and
day to day operations. Oak Tree Surgical was acquired in 2013.

Dominick has also presented medical device designs and patents to venture capital firms and medical device manufacturers for the purpose of obtaining capital to fund ongoing R&D, operations, clinical studies, and FDA product approvals.

Dominick holds a BA in Business Administration from Washington & Jefferson
College and completed his Executive Education at Harvard Business School. He is a member of
the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants and is currently serving as the Center
Manager for Novel Coworking Johnson Square in Savannah.

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