Erik Reagan

Erik Reagan

Co-founder & Operations Director @ Focus Lab

Savannah native Erik Reagan’s career has been an evolution from musician to developer to entrepreneur. A common theme along this journey has been a hunger to learn how and why things work. What was once “How does this chord progression work?” turned into “How does a dependable website get built?” and eventually became “What does it take to build a great company?” Shortly after attending the first Geekend conference, Erik founded a branding agency called Focus Lab. In the time since they’ve served brands of all sizes, from mom-and-pops to companies like Adobe, Marketo, Oakley, and more.

The Realities of Failure

Studio Theater

What’s one thing that all designers, coders, entrepreneurs and leaders have in common? They’ve all failed at something before. Even if you haven’t noticed, you’ve likely failed at something. There’s a lot of risk in putting your work out there; in being hired by a client for a project; in being a team leader to […]