Evans Rainer

Evans Rainer

Co-founder @ StaffWRX

Evans is the co-founder of StaffWRX, a SaaS technology platform that is rethinking how large logistics companies manage, schedule and engage their workforce to meet their business needs. Gone are the days of the Monday-to-Friday 9-to-5 employees. The modern workforce wants flexibility, choice and freedom in their lives. StaffWRX helps these companies attract and retain higher quality staff, engage untapped employee sources, reduce no shows, and reduce expensive HR management time.

Moving Fast: Lightning Talks on Logistics & Advanced Manufacturing Tech

Ben Tucker Theater

With the establishment of the Savannah Logistics & Technology Corridor, the Hostess City is poised to innovate on the most pressing problems facing manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. In this session, you’ll hear from three leaders who are making strides in the business of tracking, automation and advanced manufacturing.