Jake & Miriam Hodesh

Jake & Miriam Hodesh

Founders @ Geekend

Geekend 2019 is a bit of a homecoming for Miriam and Jake Hodesh, who had an awesome 8-year run in Savannah. During their time in the Hostess City, Jake worked with a volunteer board to relaunch the Creative Coast and led the organization from 2010 to 2013. Miriam worked with the Community Investment team at Gulfstream. The couple founded Geekend in 2009.

Miriam and Jake now live in their hometown of Cincinnati. They have two insane little girls and are busier than ever, and they miss Savannah each and every day.

Opening Remarks

Ben Tucker Theater

WELCOME TO GEEKEND 2019! As Geekend celebrates its 10th anniversary, The Creative Coast looks back on the event’s beginnings and legacy. Jennifer Bonnett, current Executive Director of The Creative Coast, takes the stage with Geekend founders, Jake and Miriam Hodesh to open Geekend 2019.