Kevin Dewalt

Kevin Dewalt

CEO @ Prolego

Kevin M. Dewalt is a technology entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in early-stage technology companies as a founder, angel investor, and venture capitalist. His current professional focus is helping accelerate enterprise adoption of AI. He is the author of AI for Business Leaders, creator of the AI Canvas and​ CEO of Prolego, the enterprise AI accelerator.

Dewalt received a BS in Electrical Engineering as the #1 graduate from the US Coast Guard Academy and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Although his lifelong ambition is to play professional golf – a dream cut short at birth by an utter lack of talent – he still plays the game regularly with his wife in Savannah.

The Future of Work in the Era of AI

Studio Theater

How will artificial intelligence impact jobs, and what does it mean for you? Kevin Dewalt, founder and CEO of AI startup Prolego, will describe actual work – not speculation! – they’re doing with Fortune 500 clients and the inevitable impact of AI on human labor. He’ll explain how the technology will impact society and what […]

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