Kyle Maddux-Lawrence

Kyle Maddux-Lawrence

Director of Production @ MADLAWMEDIA

Born in Nashville, raised in the sleepy foothills of the Appalachian mountains, Kyle found his passion for the art and science of cinematography in college. He has travelled extensively in pursuit of adventure and enjoys sharing the unexpected beauty of the world and its people with a wide audience. Kyle’s passion for documentary-style filmmaking has allowed him to tell stories that matter, create positive change through storytelling, and engage with a variety of interesting people and communities.

Storytelling for Entrepreneurs


In today’s crazy-competitive world of business, your story matters more than ever. Getting clear about your brand story not only helps you attract clients and customers, but can cancel white noise when you’re making decisions in marketing, hiring, and culture. In this interactive workshop led by Kyle Maddux-Lawrence and Tami Lynn Ross of MADLAWMEDIA, you’ll […]

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