Laurie Zipperer

Laurie Zipperer

CSM, Project Manager @ East Taylor Creative

Laurie Zipperer is an Agile Project Manager and Certified Scrum Master. Laurie spent most of her earlier career in marketing and sales, then transitioned into technology spurred by a desire to create digital solutions for her clients and their business needs.

Over the past several years she has obtained certificates in both web and mobile development while concurrently coaching multiple Scrum teams through mobile and web development projects.

Her unique background and arsenal of professional skills have given her the ability to effectively manage the relationships between development teams and product owners while delivering results in rapidly evolving and dynamic environments.

Laurie has worked with clients that have ranged from established organizations and businesses to non-profits, startups and e-commerce platforms. She is dedicated to building digital dreams with a purpose and providing a seamless experience for everyone involved.