Maggie Cunningham

Maggie Cunningham

Assistant Studio Manager @ Savannah Power Yoga

Maggie first experimented with a yoga practice in 2016 in an attempt to counteract the stress of her work life (and overachieving nature). What got her in the door of Savannah Power Yoga was the efficiency of getting cardio, strength training, stretching, and mindfulness work all done in one hour. However, it was the warm community and physical, mental, and emotional healing that kept her coming back. Cool lavender eye towels also helped. She completed her SPY 200 Hour Teacher Training in the summer of 2018, and is now excited to share the transformational power of yoga with others.

Outside of the studio, Maggie loves to travel, go to concerts, practice drums, and indulge in all things Beatles.

Morning Chair Yoga

Studio Theater

Looking down at phones and laptops for hours each day can create a lot of tension and pain in our neck, shoulders, and back. Some studies indicate that bending your neck forward in this way can lead to more than 60 extra pounds of weight on your cervical spine! Come learn how to counter that […]