Mary Lynne Kemp

Mary Lynne Kemp

Volunteer @ Memorial Health University Humane Technology

Mary Lynne Kemp graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta in 1997.  After working as a resident in Pediatrics at Memorial Health University, she decided to devote her time to raising her children here in Savannah, Georgia.  Through her time spent in child rearing, as well as involvement in the community at Savannah Country Day School and her local church, Lynne has witnessed the changes that have occurred and are occurring in our culture.  One of these changes is the amount of time that is now spent in technology, for better or for worse.  She currently works as a volunteer at Memorial Health University in Humane Technology with Mary Ann Bowman Beil in the Ethics Department.

Innovation and Design Ethics and Humane Technology Roundtable


This roundtable, anchored by physicians and medical ethicists, is intended to broaden the discussion of the ethical issues emerging as a result of how technology is designed and used. These technologies have profound implications for the future of society, humanity and public health. This roundtable will highlight Tristan Harris’ work in Humane Technology as a […]

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