Murem Sharpe

Murem Sharpe

Debate Moderator - Chief Marketing Officer @ Micro C Imaging + Principal @ StrategyRx

Murem Sharpe thrives on working with entrepreneurs to bring innovative technology products and services to market. From her role as CMO for Micro C Imaging, the medical imaging venture that is delivering the world’s first handheld fluoroscopy solution to her StrategyRx consultancy to her volunteer leadership as vice president of the Creative Coast board, Murem focuses entrepreneurs on embracing customers and generating revenue. As moderator of this feisty debate, she will use her own experiences as a Fortune 500 corporate executive and entrepreneur where intellectual property was used successfully in offensive and defensive modes – or not.

Important Process or Ineffective Protection? An Incredibly Prudent Debate on IP Law

Ben Tucker Theater

So, you have an idea. Great! But what next? Should you hustle to the patent office to protect it from nasty predators, or is legally safeguarding your intellectual property an exercise in futility, not to mention a big, fat waste of time? Sparks will fly in this animated debate among Savannah’s finest serial entrepreneurs and […]

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