Murray Wilson

Murray Wilson

President @ tps Consulting

Murray Wilson has worked in the professional broadcast television industry for over 30 years and was closely involved in the industry’s transition from analog to digital. He played an integral role in the development and deployment of some of the largest multi-channel television broadcast facilities in the world and has worked in North America, Europe and Asia.

Murray has consulted at an engineering level in all aspects of broadcast television; including content production, content management, distribution and transmission. He has established an excellent reputation in the start-up of some of the world’s largest broadcast facilities in particular those employed in the Direct to Home and Fiber-to-the-Premise television distribution businesses.

Based on his extensive knowledge of workflow design, operational procedural development, and resource optimization, he has designed and implemented a number efficiency exercises across a broad range of industries. This has included process development improvements, workflow and procedural development and support for the adoption of burgeoning technologies.

He established tps Consulting LLC in 1989. tps is an experienced consultancy that delivers operational analysis and workflow design, project management and support to broadcast systems integrators and television technology providers world-wide as well as a broad range of other industries.

tps has designed and developed operational workflow and processes for large-scale digital television initiatives including IPTV. From these processes tps has created standard operational procedures and instructed operators how to enable these procedures in their operational routines. tps has also created and delivered product life-cycle training for multiple hardware and software companies. tps provides a unique cadre’ of services and are the ‘Operational Readiness Architects’ for the professional broadcast television industry.

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