Robert Gadd

Robert Gadd

Co-founder & President @ OnPoint Digital

Robert Gadd is Co-founder & President of Savannah-based OnPoint Digital and responsible for the company’s vision and strategy. OnPoint’s online and mobile-enabled offerings support more than two million enterprise workers and include innovative methods for content discovery and delivery to drive organizational improvement through just-in-time training, performance support and business communications. Prior to OnPoint, Robert spent 10 years as CTO of Datatec Systems and President/CTO of spin-off He is a frequent speaker on learning solutions—including mobile, social, gamification, analytics and machine learning — at national and international conferences.

The Hiring Squad: Stories and Strategies for Building Teams

Ben Tucker Theater

Every leader knows that a great team is worth its weight in gold. The process of building a great team, however, can be a minefield… especially in Savannah where recruiting is more challenging than in larger markets. In this panel discussion, veteran business leaders share stories from the front lines of hiring and retaining employees […]