THANK YOU to the Geekend 2016 ...

THANK YOU to the Geekend 2016 Team!

Savannah, GA (September 13, 2016)

Nerf guns, NASA, and a 19 year old founder whose company’s set to make millions in revenue! All of these and more will be here next month in Savannah, GA! Here at the Creative Coast we are going full speed ahead to put on one of the best Geekend’s yet for all of you on October 13th-15th! Don’t forget that included in your ticket this year is Startup Demo Day where innovators and investors can meet in a relaxed environment and hear pitches from startups in the area, setting the tone for the entrepreneurial weekend ahead of us. By the end of the weekend, regardless if you are part of a large corporation, are just thinking of starting up your own creative endeavor, or simply have a curious tech mind, you will come away from Geekend with a fresh perspective on how to make your creative potential come to fruition.

It is a known rule in the entrepreneurial world that it is vital to surround yourself with the best people possible – even if they’re smarter, and in our case, just as (if not more?) fabulously enthusiastic about nurturing geek-culture and entrepreneurship in our region. That’s exactly how we formed awesome connections with our sponsors, the best of the best in Savannah, and beyond, to bring Geekend to you!

Which brings us first and foremost to our incredible partners for this event: ATDC. How are we so lucky to have the top business incubator in the region by our side?! Since 1981 ATDC has been providing crucial resources and connections to entrepreneurs to make their business a success. Needless to say, we are inspired by ATDC with what they do throughout the region and are thrilled to have them by our sides.

Our host The Guild Hall has  been an irreplaceable asset to our team as well. Behind these doors is where the real magic happens, and connections made here during Geekend will go with you out the doors, into our great city and beyond. In addition to setting the ultimate geek environment, Music File Productions deserves some praise for the top notch music provided for years. Let’s not forget who’s taken on the task of fueling all Geekend-goers, Enmarket and Gaslight Group (Check out: B. Matthews, 5 Spot, Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina, and Abe’s on Lincoln while you’re in town). These guys are fantastic for keeping the energy going with fresh picks specially for all the geeks.

We have infinite thanks to Paragon for utilizing their greatest designs to share with everyone for Geekend in the web space, and DX Marketing Group bringing them to life in print!

We couldn’t be happier to have joined forces with so many impressive groups that have values, philosophies, and ideas that are right in line with Geekend’s. Thank you to GPB Media and Savannah Morning News for having principles of informing and educating the public with the best possible content. It’s in sync with what goes on at Geekend all weekend long! We are thankful for the support from DIRRT, whose ideas mesh well with Geekend’s also: build better solutions the first time around from a foundation valuing efficiency and entrepreneurial connections and culture. Another group we are involved with this year is South University, who values advancing the community through an environment which pursues and appreciates knowledge, just as the environment at Geekend is and always will be!

While all of this is happening inside the walls of The Guild Hall, we can’t forget the environment in which our city provides where all entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, designers, and other creatives can flourish after Geekend is all said and done. The thanks are legion to: City of Savannah, Visit Savannah, and Savannah Economic Development Authority who propel our city into the spotlight and attract visitors from across the globe, and their support is invaluable.

This year, our team is stronger than ever. Want in? Learn more about how to support us and join the hardest working bunch that we know of here!

Let the countdown to Geekend begin… see you next month at The Guild Hall!

Geekenders believe anything is possible…
but hosting this event would be hard without our amazing sponsors!

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