AI & Machine Learning Demystif...

Data science is disrupting the world. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to radically redefine how we solve problems and deliver products. We will hear from dual presenters about how they are using machine learning to solve everyday issues in business.

The Kevin Dewalt, founder of Prolego will explain AI basics for business leaders and prospective startup founders. He’ll demystify the tech and teach you the four AI product patterns. He will inspire you to to identify AI opportunities at your company or in your next startup.

Kevin Lawver, CTO of Planted will walk us through how his company is applying machine learning to “imperfect” data,  the process of finding meaning in the piles of data we produce, and how we have to make sure we’re not just reinforcing old biases in new technologies.


Ben Kromnick

CTO @ Esteem Therapeutics


Kevin Dewalt

Founder & CEO @ Prolego


Kevin Lawver

CTO @ Planted

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