Breaking into Tech

Tools & Opportunities

As the tech industry grows in Savannah and across the globe, more and more workers from different industries are being pulled in to work for tech companies: programmers, marketers, product managers, and designers are just some of the roles required to create and sell technology.

Join this panel of mavericks and hear about how they got into tech, the latest and greatest software tools that they use every day, and opportunities for others to work in this growing industry. Plus, hear about all of the opportunities in Savannah to get plugged in, learn to code and get a job. Our panel will include a senior developer, CEO of a tech company, UI/UX designer and product manager, offering a cross-section of people needed to build technology.


Eddie Edenfield

Co-founder & CTO @ Open Angler


Joshua Brown

UI/UX Manager @ OnPoint Digital


Patrick Bentley

Emerging industries Project Manager @ SEDA


Peter Biekarck

Co-founder & Lead Designer @ Owl + Bear


Sarah Pounders

Account Manager @ Tour Buddy Apps

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