Keynote: Open for Business

How Emotional Intelligence Spurs Innovation & Creativity within Teams

Learn what it takes to create and sustain an emotionally healthy dynamic that fosters innovation and drives outcomes for you and your teams. Devin O’Bryan is a designer-educator with an eye for talent and a heart for cultivating that talent. He currently serves IBM’s Strategic Talent Program as design advocate and facilitator. His past 4 years have been filled with guiding and co-creating within IBM Corporate HR and IBM Design’s global education efforts with programs like IBM Design Bootcamp Experiences, IBM Designweek events, and building the immersive and award-winning, Maelstrom internship program. In this talk, Devin will share his experiences and lessons learned through Maelstrom as it grew to become the prime IBM’s premier software design experience.


Devin O'Bryan

Design Internship Program Lead @ IBM Maelstrom

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