Lead Scout, Fount & Founder, Wavve Inc.

Baird is the Lead Scout & Marketer at Fount Studio, a digital product development & design team based in Charleston, SC. Fount specializes in both creative and technical solutions for businesses of all stages. Fount’s experience covers web, mobile, & API development across a wide spread of verticals including consumer products, enterprise services and healthcare.

Baird is also a Co-Founder of Wavve Inc., a SaaS company that helps podcasters, radio shows, social influencers, and other marketers easily transform audio into video marketing content for social sharing. Baird founded the company in early 2016 and their product is used by ESPN Radio affiliates, iHeart Radio shows, popular bloggers, startups, and other content creators to create high-impact marketing videos. Baird leads the Wavve Team in sales, marketing, front-end development, & support.


Building an MVP and Scaling Lean Sat, Jan 28th 1:00pm

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