Carl Lewis

Data Journalist

Carl V. Lewis believes in the objective power of numbers combined with the emotional impact of design to help bridge the gap between big data and human action. He has worked variously as a data journalist, digital editor, news graphics programmers, web developer and data visualization consultant for nearly eight years, including holding posts at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Vocativ, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University and the Savannah Morning News. He’s also briefly dabbled in the works of NYC startups. He holds an M.S. in Digital Media with a concentration in Data Visualization from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and a dual B.A. in Journalism and Integrated Media and Southern Studies from Mercer University. He likes yogurt, maps, the d3 JavaScript library and catchy Taylor Swift songs.

Lewis will be on the JS framework panel discussing what he calls ‘JavaScript fatigue’ and the problems with relying upon a JavaScript framework as a needless abstraction of the original language itself. The last thing we need in the tech commmunity are more unnecessary abstractions (Ember, Angular, Backbone, React, etc.) that form an even higher barrier to entry for diversity and the curious to get involved. Also, abstractions do sometimes leak. And, what happens if Angular releases a dramatically new version? Does everyone have to relearn and reconfigure to meet the specs of that new version? Finally, he will be pouring out the important difference between a *library* and a *framework.*JavaScript isn’t rocket science, and all you need is HTML, CSS and JS to do some pretty amazing things.


Javascript Frameworks Decoded Sat, Jan 28th 2:15pm

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