Clegg Ivey

Guild Master, The Guild Hall

Clegg Ivey is a serial entrepreneur with a background on IP/antitrust law and computer programming. As a Silicon Valley Tech Lawyer in the 90s, Clegg was involved in the Microsoft Case, the 1st MP3 case, as well as patent counseling for Google and acquisitions for Hasbro. Clegg has also served as outside counsel and lead negotiator for several tech firms in negotiations with big partners like IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, and EMC. He has founded or helped the early stages of several startups, and his business plans and pitches have raised over $71 million from VCs like Crosspoint and Mayfield in the last fifteen years. His portfolio of startups includes Voxeo (acquired in 2013 by Aspect Communications for $150M); Tropo (acquired in 2015 by Cisco for $75M); Redux Beverages; Savannah to Go!; Forge (X); The Guild Hall; The Chromatic Dragon; and 8-Bit Donuts. He was instrumental in guiding the development of a number of other startups, including CDP, Routergy, Cyberspy, and Quickit.



The Maker Show Fri, Jan 27th 2:45pm
Pitch Circus Fri, Jan 27th 5:00pm

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