Devin O'Bryan

Design Internship Program Lead @ IBM Maelstrom

Devin O’Bryan is a designer-educator with an eye for talent and a heart for cultivating that talent. He currently serves IBM’s Strategic Talent Program as design advocate and facilitator. His past 4 years have been filled with guiding and co-creating within IBM Corporate HR and IBM Design’s global education efforts with programs like IBM Design Bootcamp Experiences, IBM Designweek events, and building the award-winning Maelstrom internship program from scratch. In the 8 years prior to working with IBM, Devin was a graphic design professor at SCAD and the intern director of Working Class Studio. This afforded him the opportunity to lead projects with Coca-Cola, Barnes & Noble, Showtime, the Graphic Artist’s Guild, the Rod Serling Estate, Gulfstream Aerospace, and many more. His personal mental health journey has informed huge swaths of his educational and professional curricula, and Devin regularly stresses the importance of mental health maintenance in all aspects of corporate living. Authenticity is the cornerstone of Devin’s design and life philosophies, and his patient wife and two kids keep him genuine every single day.


Keynote: Open for Business Sat, Feb 3rd 10:30am

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