James Averett

Video Game Character Designer

James Averett uses art as means to express critical thought. The good, the bad, the ugly, the taboo; all seem to have a place in the work he does. A strong believer in the idea that media plays a major role in shaping the surrounding world, James does not shy away from confronting difficult and sometimes controversial topics. He strives to bring these ideas to his work in the video game industry. James infuses the visual design of his characters with nuance, a backstory–a life. Whether cute, ugly, good, bad, or indifferent, his characters are provocative, often holding a mirror up to society.

Since beginning work with Interabang Entertainment in 2014, James dove head-first into the world of concept art character design, learning new information and evolving his process along the way. He plans to continue ‘leveling up’ in the ever-changing world of video game design.work has been noted for its ability to capture and convey characters whose actions are believable, consistent, and often funny.


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