Director of The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, & EA for Charleston Angel Partners

Born and raised in Billings, Montana, John Osborne studied finance and economics while attending Charleston Southern University on a golf scholarship. John is passionate about helping independently owned businesses as he grew up in a family where both parents owned their own business. After graduating cum laude with a BS in Finance in 2002, John spent a decade working various roles in the financial services industry including in commercial banking, private banking and wealth management. After his banking career, John took his experiences in evaluating business financial statements, cash flows, lending money, and extensive professional network and applied these skills to his entrepreneurial journey. John started several crowdfunding platforms under the umbrella of, llc and in 2014 established a non­profit entrepreneur center that runs a start up accelerator and ceo forum program. He’s connected over $10MM of early stage investments into start up companies. Throughout this journey John has been in the middle of partnership negotiations, sales strategy plans, strategic partner deals, seed and angel investment transactions.

Currently, John serves as Director of The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, a non­profit Entrepreneur Center that runs 4 incubator sites, 2 accelerator programs, a ceo forum group program, events, and more. In 2 years John has raised over $1MM to get the center going, hired staff of 3 with 2 more independent contractors and is responsible for the overall strategic vision, fundraising and day to day team leadership. John also serves as the &, the longest tenured angel investment group in the Charleston, SC region. John’s responsibilities are to find accredited investors to join the group, find early stage companies looking for equity investment, and facilitate the due diligence, term negotiation and portfolio tracking of investments made by the group. Previously, John held various roles in banking and finance including retail branch management, commercial and business lending, as well as private banking where he was responsible for a portfolio over $100MM. John also started his own crowdfunding business in 2012 right after the JOBS act passed where he established multiple donation based community crowdfunding sites.


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