Kelly Carlton

Creative Director, Designer, Professor, Chair of Motion Media Design @ SCAD

For more than 20 years, Kelly has worked as a designer and creative director in Los Angeles. He has built and led award-winning motion design teams, which have been responsible for creating film and television motion design packages for some of largest studio marketing campaigns in the world. In addition to developing advertising campaigns, Kelly has vast experience creating main title sequences for film and television shows, and corporate logo design/branding campaigns. Some of his noteworthy theatrical marketing campaigns include The Dark Knight, The Da Vinci Code, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Batman Begins, Angels and Demons, and The Expendables.

In October 2016, Kelly decided to apply his interests and talents to a new career in higher education as he enthusiastically accepted the full time position of professor and department chair of the Motion Media Design program at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The professional and academic pursuits of not only the program, but also the entire SCAD organization that spans 4 campuses in 3 countries, were important factors that led to his transition. In addition to teaching, mentoring, and team building, Kelly’s involvement in professional motion media related projects, both on campus and privately, offers unique and important opportunities for his continued artistic, professional, and academic growth.

Prior to joining SCAD, Kelly was the division head and creative director of motion design at AV Squad. Located in Hollywood, AV Squad is a leading entertainment marketing agency specializing in film and television advertising. The motion design division created cutting-edge, award-winning content for theatrical marketing campaigns, television promos, and unique ancillary media content.

Some of Kelly’s specialties include film advertising, feature film and television main titles, corporate logo design and animation, feature film graphic design, visual effects, and social media advertising and content creation.


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