CEO, Avant Games Inc. & Director of Information Technology at Chatham County

Nick has spent the last 20 years using his free time learning and tinkering with game development until finishing his MBA in 2014. Since then, all of his free time is devoted to Avant Games and realizing his long standing dreams in game development. With big ideas for games and little opportunity in the area for game development, he established this local studio as an outlet for his creativity.

As an Indie studio, Avant Games focuses on gameplay as the defining feature, striving for unique challenges with an engaging story. The studio is currently creating a dragon PvP game where the players are the dragons! This game focuses on challenging PvP aspects, forcing players to adapt quickly and change play style to win. The game is in late development and is available for play at this year’s GeekEnd Conference.”


Whats in a Video Game? Sat, Jan 28th 3:30pm

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