CEO & Code Wrassler, Oak.Works


Rob has been building web apps for 15 years, cutting his teeth on decidedly uncool tech like Java, JSP, and Oracle databases. These days he’s usually riding the JavaScript wave at Oak.Works, creating attractive, intuitive apps that help businesses get more done, help volunteers do more good for their communities, and help everyone do less paperwork.

After graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computer Engineering, he decided he’d rather play with computers than build them. So he moved into software development. There he spent most of the last decade-plus turning error-prone, paper-form-heavy processes into web applications that improve awareness and communication.

Lingles clients have included organizations of all sizes- from startups just getting off the ground to US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Headquarters. He has been able to help these organizations by listening to the challenges that they face, designing a solution that meets their needs without over-engineering, and following through to completion.


Javascript Frameworks Decoded Sat, Jan 28th 2:15pm

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