There Is Capital... Here's how...

There Is Capital… Here’s how to ask for it (Panel)

Jason Premo (PREMO VENTURES), Elton Rivas (One Spark), Ralph Montgomery (FourBridges Capital Advisors). Moderator: Gordon Deal (The Wall Street Journal).

Show me the money! Find out what investors (particularly ones in the Southeast) are looking for and how to showcase your business’ tip top financial shape. Not quite in tip top financial shape yet? No problem! Our star panelists will share tips on how to get there, as well as what to show investors when you’re in the midst of raising capital.

Get inside investor heads to learn how they think, how they weigh risk and return, how to explain your numbers (or your theory about future numbers!) and who can yank an investor’s chain.

What you will learn:

How to discuss financial models and the thought process investors like to see behind your numbers.
How to pitch your business so investors hear you are focused on minimizing risk and maximizing returns.
How to view investors as entrepreneurs with their own customers and stakeholders.

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