Developing For The Web, On The...

Developing For The Web, On The Web

Matt Pardee

It is happening: writing all your code in the browser. Whether you write HTML5, Javascript, Node.JS, Python, PHP or Ruby, you can now do this online. In this presentation, Cloud9 IDE developer and evangelist Matt Pardee highlights the advantages of developing software in the Cloud, and how writing your code online is both fun and highly productive. With a development environment in the cloud, collaboration between developers takes on a whole new dimension. Pair programming, social coding, faster debugging, team management or reviewing code on your favorite mobile or tablet. It is all possible when your code is online. And when everything is online, testing and deploying to a cloud platform will be the natural next step. In this talk, we visit all these different topics and why writing your code online will have massive benefits for all types of developers.

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