Announcing The Geekend Hackath...

Announcing The Geekend Hackathon!

Posted on August 18, 2011 By Yvonne Jouffrault

We know there are some talented developers and designers in our geek community. This year, we want to give them a chance to show off their skills and become the first ever Geekend Hackathon champion.

We’ll provide the food and energy drinks to keep you going. You’ll provide the creativity.

You’ll get 24 hours to solve a problem, code like crazy and create. In the end, victory (and a really cool trophy complete with Geekend 2012 passes) will come to a winner, that participant or team who most impressed our crew of judges.

The competition will kick off Thursday, November 10 at 1 pm at the Coastal Georgia Center. Following a quick overview, the timer will be set and the Hackathon will begin! Twenty-four hours later, coding will stop and projects will be shared. A winner will be crowned prior to Friday evening’s keynote with Baratunde Thurston.

Bragging rights will last forever (or at least until next year’s Hackathon).

If this sounds right up your alley, it’s decision time. Sign up by yourself or with some friends. Each Hackathon team can include up to four people.

The next step is to click over to Eventbrite and pick up your Geekend2011 badge. Look for the Hackathon ticket option. Be sure to fill out information on your teammates (if you’re going the group route). If you have already purchased your pass, no sweat. Just shoot an email to stating that you would like to participate and who will be on your team.

Happy coding and we look forward to seeing you in November!

The rest of the nitty gritty details are below. If you have any additional questions about Hackathon, email the team at

The Rules for Participating

1. Teams consist of 1-4 members.
2. We’ll give you some framework for your project. You/your team will be given 5 randomly selected words or phrases when you arrive to Geekend. You must in some way address or incorporate at least 3 of the 5 words into your idea or build.
3. Any medium is welcome! While it might be easier for the judges to experience a mobile, desktop or web app, you’re encouraged to be creative and use any medium you’re comfortable with.
4. You will only get 24 hours to complete your project. It must be developed in the time allotted (no outside code except for open source frameworks and APIs).
5. You must be able to present your project on your own device at judging time. So if you are developing a mobile application, have it on a mobile device or if it’s a desktop application, have it available on your computer.
6. If you are using your own open source code, the repository must be available on GitHub or another publicly available repository BEFORE the Hackathon.
7. You must sign up for Hackathon on or before Tuesday, November 1.


When should I arrive to the Hackathon?
Plan to arrive for Geekend badge pick up between noon and 12:30 pm on Thursday, November 10. Once you have your badge in hand, you and your team will be shown to your Hackathon station.

How is Hackathon judged?
Projects will be judged not only on their functionality but also on their creativity and use of the keywords.

Any tips on participation?
In a 24-hour competition, remember that simple is often better. Develop your main concept first, then work in your keywords and finally add features if you have time. Bugs will generally be overlooked but if it’s a serious issue in the operation of your project, know that it might count against you.

Who will be judging Hackathon?
A panel of three judges will be on hand: Noah Everett, founder of TwitPic; Bradley Taylor, CEO of RailsMachine; and Frederic Jahard, CEO of LTU Technologies.

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