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Geekend Podcast: Jacqueline Verdier & Dominic Suszanski

Jacqueline Verdier & Dominic Suszanski

Connecting The REAL World To GEEK World Via Image Recognition

Frederic Jahard and Adam Bednarek, LTU Technologies

Latest Trends In Application Development With The Foursquare API

Chad Elkins, Engauge, and Adam Steinberg, PlacePunch

Making Facebook Relevant... Sell Global, Think Local

Session moderator: Christien Louviere, Vitrue

Going to Mobile: Repurposing Your Existing Work

Kevin Stohlmeyer, C2Graphics Productivity Solutions

Knowing Is Half The Battle

Bill Kenney and Erik Reagan, Focus Lab, LLC

Fulfilling People's Needs Through Search

Michael King, Publicis Modem

Viral Notes: Music Marketing & Social Media

Chris Craft and Lamar Gilliam, Nao Media

Who's Winning the Local Digital Audience War And Why

Michael Romaner, Morris Communications

Distributed Teams and the Modern Company: Matters of Trust

Brian M. Criscuolo, Warmwinds Software

The Glass House: Zuckerberg's Vision for Transparency

Clay Duda and Noah Echols, Center for Sustainable Journalism

There Is Capital... Here's how to ask for it (Panel)

Jason Premo (PREMO VENTURES), Elton Rivas (One Spark), Ralph Montgomery (FourBridges Capital Advisors). Moderator: Gordon Deal (The Wall Street Journal).

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