Coding is without a doubt one of the most crucial abilities to acquire in today’s world.

But how do you go about learning it?

There are many online resources, courses, and databases available to teach you all you need to know about the subject.

Some are worth investigating, while others should be avoided entirely.
It’s a smart idea to have an understanding of which programming language you would like to learn and what you want to use it for before you start.

If you’re looking to build a dynamic website, you should start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you want to develop your own smartphone app, the best languages to learn are Python, Java or Apple’s proprietary Swift platform ffor iOS apps.

While video seminars and other reputable materials can provide you with a strong foundation, the greatest resources allow you to create code and experiment with it yourself. This allows you to witness the real-world repercussions of your work.

Here are some of the best resources that any aspiring computer programmer should look at:


W3Schools, a huge online resource, should be your first option to look at.

Since its launch in 1998, the site has evolved to include coding lessons, interactive quizzes, and even programming certificates.

Every programming language taught is divided into simple sections with an interactive window that reacts to the code you’re entering in real-time.

There are thousands of coding exercises to explore, and the greatest part is that the site is entirely free to use.

E-learning platforms

Remote learning platforms saw a significant increase during the epidemic, although they are not even a recent phenonmenon.

Udemy, Coursera, and Khan Academy are among the most popular of these courses.

These providers all have smartphone applications that you may use on an iPhone or iPad in addition to webpages.

Using a combination of free and paid-for training, you’ll get a solid foundation in a number of programming languages.

Videos and code editors show you exactly what you should be doing, and there are assignments and test to help you put your newly acquired abilities to the test.


The internet’s most popular video site isn’t only for artists and content creators; it’s also for anyone who wants to learn how to code.

There’s a ton of stuff on the website, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll discover some extremely interesting channels dedicated to learning to code. Here are a few to try:

CS Dojo

The advantage of YouTube videos is that they are highly approachable, and you can dip in and out of them at your leisure.


YaizY (previously called Algorithmics UK) provides a variety of coding courses geared towards younger learners aged 8 to 17.

There is a wide range of material for youngsters to explore, including Roblox games, engineering, and robotics.

YaizY employs UK-based instructors to offer live classes to students enrolled in the courses. All of the instructors are either computer science teachers or experts in the field.

In addition, the firm provides free trial classes so that people interested can test it out before committing.