The world of computer coding may be intimidating to many people. However, code is just a language, with all the characteristics of a conventional written language. However, with code, the world may bend to those who can grasp it. There are also several languages to pick from, including C++, HTML, JavaScript and Python.. And that’s where the wonderful world of coding games enters the picture.

Coding is essentially a puzzle. The pieces are all provided, and the player is free to complete the problem in whichever way they see fit. As a result, there are several methods to expose coding to the player in order to keep it entertaining while simultaneously teaching gamers, to a certain extent, how to code.


It’s difficult to imagine that a game that needs the player to give orders to drones can elicit such emotional terror. Duskers, on the other hand, accomplishes just that. The player has no direct control over anything, instead coding orders for a succession of drones as they explore an abandoned spacecraft.

For novices, the coding element is basic and simple to grasp. The visibility is limited, so there is no way of knowing what is in the next room. If the player wants his drones to survive another day, they must be diligent in their planning and speedy with their instructions.

While true: learn()

Most programmers would tell you that one of the first things they learnt in school was how to sort through data. This same procedure is fundamental to the game. The player will construct a system that will sort through different types of data using visual programming, beginning with sorting red, green, and blue into their appropriate outputs.

Following that, the player will delve into the mechanics of machine learning. In terms of the plot, all of this is being done in the hopes of developing a communication system where humans can talk to cats. 

Shenzhen I/0

When it comes to coding, one thing that many people overlook is how it all works physically. It is simple to claim that coding is simply writing things on a computer, yet most of what may be done digitally is really done physically through the usage of computer circuits. That is the point of this game.

The player must design the most efficient system possible for a specific project, using only computer chip logic.  Players must study the instructions and work within the constraints of the assembly coding language. 

Else Heart.Break()

This game distinguishes itself by emphasizing not only story and character, but also the gameplay that coding frequently offers. As an aspiring door-to-door soda salesperson, the player will tray and build up business.

After soon discovering that the world is considerably harsher when going it alone, the player will get access to an unique tool that allows them to change the code of reality.  Change the color of a street lamp, build an infinite loop that repeats until it finds the right code to unlock a door, or hack a computer. The gamer practically has the entire globe at his or her fingertips.

Quadrilateral Cowboy

Quadrilateral Cowboy is a cyberpunk game in which the player inhabits a world of mystery as a cyber thief with a propensity for hacking. The player will solve problems by interacting with their environment with the help of their hacking deck.

Breaking in for the robbery is simple, but all too frequently, the player will need to plot their escape route in the same way that Teardown did. Gamers will have a plethora of tools at their disposal to help them plan and execute their robbery with maximum effectiveness.


RTSs and MMOs are two of the most popular game genres. Screeps is the consequence of adding code into the mix. The player will start by choosing a plot of land from a vast landscape shared by NPCs as well as other players. Then it’s just a matter of accumulating resources and erecting infrastructure.

Players accomplish this by writing their own AI in JavaScript. Creating strong, efficient code fast is critical to surviving any impending threats and staying ahead of the other players. This is as near to genuine coding as it gets; tutorials are required if the player wants to further understand the game.


Exapunks, another game from Zachtronics, has the user write commands for a tiny robot in a matrix-like arena while solving puzzles. This makes it easy to understand for those who want to see their code work real time.

But don’t be fooled: this game isn’t easy. Those who want to succeed will need to read the guide. Not only will they need to do the work, but they will also need to do it in the most efficient way possible.


Gladiabots delivers machine guns and explosions to entice participants who think programming is too boring. In this game, the player must write a script for their own AI. Custom scripts can be added to individual robots on a team.

The player’s robots participate in a game against an opponent’s robot team using the script. Scripting is done with visual programming again, although in a more simple form. Study the scenario and plan accordingly. It is without a doubt one of the best puzzle games of 2019.


Untrusted, a little-known puzzle game, is about as straightforward a programming experience as one can get while still having a bit of fun. The player in this browser based game must edit the JavaScript code that runs the game.

The player will be presented with some code, most of which will be unmodifiable. It is then totally up to the player to solve the challenge.  Copy and Paste, as most programmers are aware, is the player’s greatest ally in this game.

7 Billion Humans

7 Billion Humans is a puzzle game from Tomorrow Corporation, the developers of World Of Goo, one of the greatest puzzle games ever. The player controls a bunch of humans as they obey the player’s orders. The secret to this game is that every human executes the same code, therefore the code must work for everyone.

Walls, holes in the floor, and even people being thrown into a shredder must be taken into account by players. It is a great choice for those looking for challenging game.